2009-12-30 01:31:12 by The-Mad-Fiddler

Hey all! To the few that read this post, thank you very much :) it means lots to me!

I've uploaded a new song and am beginning to renovate my page. Might add a couple pieces of art and I have just recently added a new song as well! Give it a listen, and give my artwork a look-see as well! Hope you enjoy it!

Questions, comments, suggestions, post here! I'll promise to be friendly!


2009-06-22 15:54:59 by The-Mad-Fiddler

Hi all! Thanks for taking a peak at my profile and such. If you get a chance, check my artwork. I plan to add more later so if you favorite me you can check back later and comment!

Got my profile Picture, Icon and Signature to now work. I'm going to start working on the page "banner" or whatever it is. Plan to update some things as well.

Thanks again! Enjoy your stay!


2009-06-22 02:29:52 by The-Mad-Fiddler

Apparently it doesn't like it if I don't post some things. Well I added some artwork, but it seems a little unfortunate that Art isn't as profound on this site. But that's all good. Maybe I'll add some other things later. Until then, enjoy the artwork!

Still getting use to this site.