Entry #3


2009-12-30 01:31:12 by The-Mad-Fiddler

Hey all! To the few that read this post, thank you very much :) it means lots to me!

I've uploaded a new song and am beginning to renovate my page. Might add a couple pieces of art and I have just recently added a new song as well! Give it a listen, and give my artwork a look-see as well! Hope you enjoy it!

Questions, comments, suggestions, post here! I'll promise to be friendly!


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2010-07-11 22:11:29

Nice art

The-Mad-Fiddler responds:

Thanks friend :D


2010-08-01 02:09:57

Hey Fiddler, your art kicks ass, how are you not scouted yet?

The-Mad-Fiddler responds:

Thank you sir/ma'am! I donno :\. But I think I'm scouted now! I need to make some better stuff ><.