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I just re-watched this again today... Oh wellz ^^

Knot Knot

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Treyarch is the company that developed the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops and a number of other titles.

I don't think people understand that the company took the idea of the celtic knot for their logo.

Anyways, great job :), keep up the awesome work!


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I know this is a joke...

...But it's not funny...


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Matsumoto Rangiku on the Beach Matsumoto Rangiku on the Beach

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How do you...

...rate your pictures? Haha, some seem they should be teen instead of everyone, while some are mature that should be teen.

Anywho, another awesome drawing, I have a great jealousy of your eye for proportions and simple yet precise shading. Well done on all your work.


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NG_Jamie NG_Jamie

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Very cool.

Much better than many self portraits/realist drawings on this site (not that others aren't good, mind you). The only thing is that it look's a little blurry in some areas, but in all honesty it's still very well done, and you should be very proud of your work.


Saya the Purple Wolf Saya the Purple Wolf

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It's cute.

I like it :), simple yet adorable.


Hexagram 26 - Potential Energy Hexagram 26 - Potential Energy

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At first...

... I thought this was a digital work and thought "It's not bad", And then I read the description and WOW! Oil painting? I stay away from that stuff haha, but I'm glad there are still the traditionalists out there!

Awesome work :D love the use of space and color. The pictures has an fantastic sense of movement drawing in your eye to the figure and then to the open space. The reflection is beautiful and it certainly has a serene quality to it.

Keep up the awesome work!

RPGsrok responds:

Yeah, I'm one of the few traditional painters on NG (so far as I know...) and perhaps I should really get to learning digital art programs better, but until then, I'm keepin the tradition(al) alive! XD

A lotta people connect this pic with movement somehow... I've always thought of it as very calm, but its always fun to hear what you guys gotta say. Serenity - I've never thought to describe it that way, but it's very fitting. I should do a pic called "Serenity" sometime. ^^

Glad you liked the picture, I'll be uploading more over the summer so stay tuned!

mindchamber's red baron! mindchamber's red baron!

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Right as...

...I saw the character, I knew exactly who it was :). Great work as always jouste.

We miss you on the forums! :P

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jouste responds:


glad to hear that you like the picture! it feels good to know that bigtime fan's of the redbaron are recognizing him. thanks for the high score!


How Color Can Ruin A Picture How Color Can Ruin A Picture

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In between.

I agree and disagree with your comment about the color/line work. While I think you're right that keeping it just lines keeps a lot of great qualities, I think the color really makes the face stand out that much more. Either way I think it's great.

And sorry to add this to the comment but your PMs are disabled ;).

I also want to thank you for the nice comment on my char coal Elvis drawing :). I greatly enjoyed making it, and my friend was very grateful when I gave it to her.

It's funny that you bring up digital drawing and coloring. You said everyone can do it, well the thing is, I can't :S I feel like I fail miserably at it. It would be wonderful if by chance you could point me to some tutorials. I'd greatly appreciate it.

Anyways, thanks again, I hope you have a wonderful day!

-Nick (TMF)

Kwee responds:

If you want tutorials, I'd say check Deviantart. They've got 'em comin' out the ears. I believe there are also some here on Newgrounds as well - might just take some searching. But, I think even if you just googled "Photoshop coloring tutorials" or even just "digital coloring tutorials", you'd come up with a ton! :3

Symbols Symbols

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Great work.

I like the contrast of colors and shades. Very interesting, and I also like the story like qualities of the picture.

Keep up the good work. Scouted you, so I'm expecting you to follow the rules and to continue doing great work.

Good luck!